Stamped & embossed tissue box

Stamped & embossed tissue box

On a recent visit to Japan we came across hundreds of crafters in a queue. They were buying blank wooden tissue boxes! We thought we would give them a demonstration of what Lazertran could do. This was a very simple application and I’m sure you will do much more but here’s the basic technique.


  1. Blank wooden tissue box
  2. Stamps of your choice
  3. Waterproof stamping ink
  4. Embossing powder
  5. Heat gun, oven or iron
  6. Sheet of Lazertran paper
  7. Clear craft glue
  8. Small Artists brush
  9. Anti static cloth


  1. Wipe your sheet of Lazertran with the anti static cloth to allow the embossing powder to be removed from areas not stamped.
  2. Stamp your designs all over the sheet of Lazertran.
  3. Apply embossing powder and then shake excess back into container.
  4. Using a heat gun, iron or oven heat until embossed.
  5. Cut stamped images out.
  6. Soak in warm water.
  7. After about a minute the image will slide off the backing sheet on a clear decal.
  8. Apply craft glue to the area you want to put the embossed images.
  9. Slide the decal onto the glue and brush flat.
  10. Continue with the other decal. You can finish with any varnish.