Decoupage glass plate with gold leaf

Decoupage glass plate with gold leaf

This beautiful effect is achieved with ease using Lazertran on the back of that old glass plate you had forgotten in the cupboard.


  1. Glass plate
  2. Sheet of images on Lazertran
  3. Metal leaf, (fake gold. silver or copper it's up to you)
  4. A small bottle of recommended adhesive for metal leaf
  5. Red or black enamel paint
  6. Soft tissue paper
  7. Hairdryer


  1. Clean the back of the plate to remove grease and dirt.
  2. Cut your images out of the sheet of Lazertran. You do not have to be precise as the white areas will be clear.
  3. Soak the cut out images in warm water.
  4. Slide the images off the backing sheet onto the back of the glass plate.
  5. Position then press home with a wad of tissue paper. If any creases occur over difficult shapes. warm with the hairdryer and stretch into curves.
  6. When all your images have been fixed dry well with the hairdryer.
  7. Apply an even coating of metal leaf glue and allow to get tacky. (Follow manufacturers instruction).
  8. Apply metal leaf all over the images until all are covered. (I usually apply a second coat of leaf).
  9. Finish with a coat of red or black paint to protect the leaf from scratching.


This technique can be used as a memory plate, just use your family photo instead of the images above.