Which laser printers work with Lazertran original decal paper?

Laser printers that use fuser oil and work with Lazertran laser Decal paper.

The model number is important.

  • Kyocera FS-C5016N
  • Konica Minolta C350, C450
  • Konica Minolta Magicolour 2350
  • All Black and white HP LaserJet (not colour) HP LaserJet 1500/ 2500/ 25500L/ 1200/ 1300/ 2100TN/ 2500L/ V4/4MV /8500 all set to Cardstock 105 -176gms
  • Epson Acu Laser 1500
  • Canon CLC from 300 up to 700 and series 2 (Heavy paper setting)
  • Xerox Docu 50/ Docu 12/Phazer 8400/ WorkCentre XL2120 (heavy paper setting
  • 0 KI C9300 Colour Laser printer
  • Tektronix Phaser 550/540/ 74

In the UK you can have your Lazertran decals printed by Bear print. They deal with lots of Artists and students and keep a machine especially for printing Lazertran Bear Print 118 High Street Porth Madog Gwyneth LL49 9NW 01766 513920

Can I use the regular Lazertran with inks from my computer’s printer?

No. The surface of the regular Lazertran is shiny and inks will not dry on it. You must use a toner based machine as these melt the colours into the surface.

Can I use the inkjet paper with toners?

No. You must use wet inks. You can use any ink based printer with the Inkjet decal. I recommend using printers that have archival inks but this is not really necessary.

Can I apply Lazertran to raw wood?

On raw wood apply real turpentine, not substitute onto the wood, enough for the surface to stay wet with turpentine. Slide the wet decal off the backing paper onto the wet turpentine and carefully sooth out any air bubbles and then leave alone overnight.

The turpentine will melt the carrying film into the wood. If the next day you have any bubbles burst them with a fine needle then apply a coat of real turpentine over the image and leave again. When completely dry apply any oil based varnish to the image to seal and make it transparent to show the wood.

No glue is needed.

Can I paint over the decal?

Yes you can with oil or acrylic paints.

Which varnish should I use for finishing the inkjet decal?

Any varnish that is oil or spirit based. Water based varnishes will not clear the decal.

We recommend an oil based UV filter varnish made by Golden. Also Shellac works well and a lot of people use yacht varnish.

The decal is not sticking to the surface what can I do?

When the decal is soaked in water it releases as a thin layer of gum takes up water.

On glass, ceramics and any smooth non-porous surface this gum should be enough to hold the decal. You can apply some gum Arabic to the object to get more adhesion. To get a really good fix on shiny surfaces a little alcohol applied to the surface and the wet decal applied onto this before it evaporates. Overnight the alcohol will slightly melt the decal to the surface. On absorbant surfaces such as wood, plaster etc. then follow the real turpentine method.

For this method substitutes for turpentine will not work.

Can I bake the decal in a domestic oven?

Yes if it is the regular Lazertran for toner machines but no for the Inkjet decal paper as it goes an antique brown if baked (some people like this antiquing effect).

How can I tell the difference between your paper?

The laser version is shiny and when a wet finger is applied it does not get sticky. The inkjet version has a chalky white matt surface.

The Lazertran Silk paper for polymer clay transfer has a shiny surface but when a wet finger is applied it will be sticky. T also has a white backing rather than duck egg blue/green.

How long will the papers last?

For years but when the decal may need to be soaked for a much longer time as the gum separating layer could well have dried and will take longer to release.

Can I dishwasher object made with Lazertran?

No, the decal are only decorative and rough treatment will scratch the image and dishwasher are so harsh they may remove the decal.

Can I use any leftover paper?

Yes inkjet scraps can be put through a printer if you set the paper size right. You can also put print over an already printed image.