Using Lazertran Stamping decal sweden . free website domains . travel maps .

Stamping with Lazertran onto ceramics

You can use regular Lazertran for lazer printers or we do special stamping packs sweden free website domains .

Here’s an Interesting Artist using Lazertran inkjet on Glass!

Make by the wonderful Kerosene Kate

sweden . free website domains . travel maps

At Last! We have Lazertran Inkjet back in stock.

After months of intensive test runs and serious disappointments we have the perfect results.
The product is now back in the UK and as soon as we can ship to the USA (It is being packed right now) and get through the USA import’s usual delays, you will have it too.

We would like to apologize to all our customers, especially those dependent on the product for their livelihoods but we could not put out inferior product. It is only the quality of our papers that make them special.


Video by Dick Blick Art Stores usually a store near you to get the best Art Materials!

They have lots more workshop videos on their website! free website domains . travel maps .

A short video by Cindy Pack about using Lazertran Silk with Polymer Clay

Great video but I would leave the image in contact with the clay for 20 minutes. Also remember you must print using a toner machine not ink as it is the plastisizers in the clay that melt the toners to the clay.

Welcome to the New Lazertran Site

It’s a bit thin at the moment but lots to come!

We would also like to apologise for any problems with our Inkjet decal paper. We had a terrible mishap in production so have had to recall all stock from the USA and Europe. Bear with us as we are having a new batch made and hopefully will be back in stock by November